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The 100-100 Plan is an effort spearheaded by Global Advanced Technical Education and the Ministry of Education’s National Center for Schooling Development Programme.  This plan calls for the cooperation of 100 Chinese higher education institutions with 100 US institutions and enterprises.  Together, we will work to advance education, create new education initiatives, and push green and sustainable practices around the world.  With the resources available in China and the expertise that exists in the US, we believe we can create something that can accomplish much more than either group could separately. 

The foundation for the 100-100 Plan was laid in October 2015 with the issuing of a plan by the Ministry of Education’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance.  This plan called for the transformation of many Chinese universities to develop into more applied style schools.  In conjunction with this plan, the National Development and Reform Commission along with the provincial governments together promised 50 million RMB in support of this transformation.  The government also put up another 5 billion RMB to specifically support universities that showed progress in the transformation process. 

The incentives now existed for schools to change, but they needed help to do so.  On June 7
th, 2016, during the China-US High Level Consultation People-to-People Exchange, the 100-100 Plan was formed with the intention of providing these schools a partner in this transformation process.  By helping these schools transform and building international partnerships with the US, we believe that we can build a base for improving education around the globe.