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-“Translator” Assisted Communication: Of course one of the biggest obstacles to any kind of international communication is language and culture differences.  Even those who have spent many years learning second language or studying different cultures will fail to recognize some of the nuances.  What GATE offers through the 100-100 Community is assistance in getting over this hurdle.  No matter your level of English or Chinese, we will make sure the other side understands you.  We want members of our community to share ideas, work together, and ultimately work together on research and the like. 

-Culture Differences:  GATE
’s goal isn’t just to bring together ideas from the American and Chinese sides together; it’s also to encourage understanding between the two sides.  In order to do that, we will create content that highlights the differences and similarities between the two sides, and provide some of the reasons behind it.  Too many people believe their own cultures or customs are what are normal and that anything else is strange or weird.  We want to do our part in eliminating this kind of thinking.  The only way to do this is through awareness. 

OccupationFit: A major focus of the entire 100-100 Plan is to help students at partner schools become more successful after graduating.  One way we will do this is through the introduction of OccupationFit.  OccupationFit is made possible through our international industry partners.  Throughout the 100-100 process, industry has a strong voice in informing schools of what they are looking for in students and what they think students should be studying.  The natural next step is to then help these better prepared students directly connect with these industries, and that’s what OccupationFit is.  It is a platform located within the 100-100 Community that allows for partner industries to better advertise their opportunities, and partner university students better advertise themselves for said opportunities. 

Opportunities Around the World: What’s the point of so much effort being put into making a connection if there’s no exchange?  The 100-100 Community will be a place to both advertise and locate opportunities at all levels of the education system.  Whether it’s a Chinese student looking for a short term English training program, a US professor looking for visiting scholar opportunities in China, or department deans looking for partnership opportunities, the opportunities can all be found within the community.  Not only will the 100-100 Community be a one stop shop for such opportunities, they also all come with the security of being backed by GATE.  Only postings that we are 100% sure are legitimate will be able to make it into the community, and GATE will do all that it can to make sure the two sides are matched and successful.   

A Worldwide Network: Not only will the 100-100 Community promote networking and exchange within, it will act as a bridge to an even bigger network.  Hundreds if not thousands of organizations exist in both countries that don’t have a footprint in the country on the other side.  An interesting Chinese engineering organization doing exciting things in education may be completely unknown to the US.  With the help of the 100-100 Community, that organization will have the opportunity to spread beyond China’s borders.   GATE’s goal is to find these organizations that should have more representation than they do and give them the platform to spread.