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The 100-100 Community is one of the most exciting parts of the 100-100 Plan.  The 100-100 Community will be a place where those involved in education both in China and the US can meet and discuss.  There’s so much ignorance about what is going on on both sides, and we believe the best way to combat that is direct communication between the two sides.

Under the Functions tab there are specific details of what the 100-100 Community will offer, but the best way to describe it is as a bridge between the education communities in China and the US.  No matter how interested a person may be in working and communicating with people globally, it can be an incredibly daunting task because of language and culture barriers.  We believe this bridge, the 100-100 Community, can make this act far less daunting.  With our own staff having a great deal of experience operating in both countries, we know we can help both sides make meaningful connections through the community.